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Who Is Harriet Miers, and

Why is Everybody Blaming Texas?

Texans, and especially Dallasites, are being asked to find out all they can about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. The fact that she's been a George W Bush crony since his first governor's race is apparently not conclusive enough. Probably, people are hoping to find out that she isn't as bad as the rest of the White House cronies.

Senators are home in mid-October, so constituents can do their best to convince them to vote against the President's nominee. Here are some of the charges floating around the internet:


She's helped Bush keep his military record out of the public eye, and she helped Bush and Cheney with the legal problems they had in both being from the same state.

There are tons of testimonies as to Miers' abilities; almost none as to her beliefs.

MoveOn sent out this chronology:
1970-Graduated from Southern Methodist University Law School
1970-1972-Clerked for U.S. District Court Judge Joe Estes
1972-2001-Joined Texas law firm, Locke, Purnell
1985-Elected president of the Dallas Bar Association
1986-1989-Member of the State Bar board of directors
1989-1991-Elected and served one term on the Dallas City Council
1992-Elected president of the Texas State Bar
1993-1994-Worked as counsel for Bush's gubernatorial campaign
1995-2000-Appointed chairwoman of Texas Lottery Commission by Gov. George Bush
1996-Became president of Locke, Purnell, and the first woman to lead a major Texas law firm
1998-Presided over the merger of Locke, Purnell with another big Texas firm, Liddell, Sapp, Zivley, Hill & LaBoon, and became co-managing partner of the resulting megafirm, Locke Liddell & Sapp
2000-Represented Bush and Cheney in a lawsuit stemming from their dual residency in Texas while running in the Presidential primary
2001-Selected as staff secretary for President Bush
2003-Promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
2004-Selected as White House Counsel

It ought to be noted that the entire world blames Texas for letting George W Bush ascend to his present heights. It would be nice if we didn't have to live with blame for this right-wing Supreme Court justice. They stay in office until they die!


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