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Racists Rolling On in Mississippi

From the nasty dark crevices of racist enclaves, the Council of Concerned Citizens is creeping outward in Mississippi. It might have been expected, given the nature of the right-wing coalition that now has America in its grip.

Columnist Bill Minor of the Clarion Ledger wrote on November 14 that the CCC did not disappear after all the scandal in 1998 when it was revealed that Republican Senate leader Trent Lott had been speaking at their events. Minor calls the CCC "a race-hate and anti-Semitic organization" and likens it to the White Citizens Councils that were common 25 years ago. Minor says 38 Mississippi public officials, including 23 Mississippi lawmakers, who "cozy up" to the segregationist organization. He's getting his own information from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a long-time anti-racist organization.

Minor deserves a lot of credit for denouncing the organization and naming their co-thinkers.

As might be expected, the segregationists brag about their ties to officials and about their role in public life, such as maintaining confederate symbolism in Mississippi's politics.

Thanks to the good guy who sent the clipping from Mississippi, where a lot of really good people, and a few hate-mongerers, live.