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North Texans Plan Conference

North Texas activists met on December 10 to analyze the situation and make plans. The opening statement stressed the need to improve our overall effectiveness by working more collectively. The elections just past brought clarity to a lot of issues. It also helped strengthen alliances between activists. There are a tremendous number of North Texans today who sincerely want to be as effective as possible in defending America against the right-wingers and transnational corporations who prey on us, but far too many people are working ineffectively alone.

Struggles in the peace movement and in organized labor were stressed. National meetings on these two topics were being prepared as we spoke, and some of our activists were planning to attend.

We talked about trying to narrow down our issues rather than trying to deal with everything that happens. Imperialist investment schemes such as NAFTA and the new CAFTA were emphasized because they seem to threaten jobs, the environment, fundamental democracy, and so many of the things that Americans hold dear. The coming session of the Texas Legislature will be a big issue, as will local elections.

We also discussed better ways to organize ourselves. In fact, one participant felt that building the movement should be the sole theme of our next conference. We decided that a conference should be held in January that would include a broad political report and then some down-to-earth organizational decisions. We set up an organizing committee to make sure the conference goes well.