A New Member Joins the Movement in Texas

Being a long time member of left-winged or liberal politics I found no strangeness when I was asked to join the Lufkin branch of the Young Communist
League, when I was asked I had already been thinking of a socialist or communistic alternative to the current capitalistic system but what I did not know was that there were
already people like me in Texas. Yes I knew about the national Communist Party and the Young Communist League and I wondered what it would be like to actually be a part in
those organizations. I always figured because I was in Texas there would not be any extreme left-winged group such as the one I am now a member of.

I attended my first meeting as a member of the Lufkin branch of the Young Communist League a few days ago and I was personally amazed at what they had done
and were planning to do. The branch of the YCL I am a member of has already planned and sponsored a peaceful march for justice during the early stages of the Martin shooting
by George Zimmerman earlier this year, they were also planning food drives for the poor and homeless citizens of Lufkin.

The most important thing for me though is the comfort I felt being there with other socialists and knowing that for one of the first times my political voice had a place
to be heard and was wanting to be heard by the other members of the Young Communist League. So to end this I would love to give a thanks to Bryce Mitchell the friend who
gave me the chance to participate with other rational Marxists and to anyone out there who is a Marxist of some sort and you feel your voice doesn't have any power I beg you
to go look around I now know there is a branch of the Young Communist League somewhere and if its anywhere near you, you could have a chance to get your voice out.

As a new member to the movement I appreciate all the people who allowed me to have this chance to express my beliefs and I look forward to writing more for our

--Ian Cox