Everyone to Austin November 14!

A labor-led coalition has called a statewide rally for national health care reform on November 14. Demands are all of those that national unions are demanding, even though they are too strong for many liberal organizations:

Those who put the working class first know that there are few activities that could take precedence over the health care reform fight now. Of the options open to us, labor's demands are the most progressive. The corporate media may make the issue sound complicated, but it isn't. There are only two sides, and they are very clear: working Americans against insurance companies. Former fence-sitters such as the American Medical Association and the American Alliance for Retired Americans have chosen the side of the workers for meaningful health care reform.

Around the state, activists are organizing transportation. In most cases, unions are taking the lead. Contact the Houston Club for transportation options there. See the Jobs with Justice site for transportation options in North Texas, where several buses are chartered.

What could be more important to the class struggle in Texas than this November 14 labor-led rally?

--Jim Lane in Dallas