Occupation Movement Grows -- Locally and Internationally

Occupy Wall Street has inspired Texans to develop their own versions in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Ft Worth, Las Cruces, McAllen, and San Antonio. That's a minimum list because the full extent of the spreading protest is not being published. The BBC has announced that several Asian capitals, including Tokyo and Sidney, have their own versions underway as of October 15.

March Saturday, Oct 15

In Dallas, a major solidarity rally is set for 12:30 PM on Saturday October 15 at Pioneer Park, 525 Griffin at Young. Even though the Dallas occupation has gone on since October 6th, there have been no planned and announced rallies that the general public might come to. Supporters have come in and out of Pioneer Park on an hourly basis, and spontaneous protests have occured every day, but it is difficult to measure just how much the occupation has affected the movement.Turnout on October 15th will be the first measureable support. Even then, it will be underestimated because the rally was not called until Thursday, two days before.

protesters on bridge over Hiway 30MoveOn activities on October 10th and 13th enjoyed a lot more participation than has become usual. There were 40-50 people on the Houston Viaduct (bridge) and well over 100 at Representative Jeb Hensarling's office. Although the Occupy Dallas group has not come to MoveOn's events, they inspire more participation from everybody else. The noise from car horns honking their approval shows increasing support for protest from the general public but, again, it's hard to measure.

Fort Worth activists are camped in Burke Bennett Park downtown. Every day, new announcements about evictions of protesters are made. These constant threats from city officials tend to dampen solidarity efforts, but they apparently do not scare the occupiers.

Get Involved!

The Communist Party held a conference call on October 9 to discuss the rising protest movement. Speaker after speaker from city after city urged all activists to get involved. All of them talked about the increasing support from America's labor movement. As always, reluctant people can think of "reasons" for staying way, but the inspiration that occupiers have given the world cannot be argued with.