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Bush Finishes in Dallas

Activists from the North Texans for Justice and Peace group called for a strategy meeting on Wednesday, the day after election day, at 5 PM at the Dallas City Hall Plaza, no matter who wins. It's good that people recognize that the struggle for justice goes on, far beyond capitalist elections.

GW Bush sought the comfort of his carefully selected Dallas worshipers at SMU for his final campaign stop on the night of November 1. Out on Mockinbird Street, the crowd shouted "1 more day" and "Re-defeat Bush!" There were only about 60 there when I first arrived, but the crowd continued to grow and was past 150 when I left at 9:15. I had to send a photo to People's Weekly World, then get to bed early in order to work on elections November 2.


The corporate news barely noted it, but Bush's foreign policy took a terrible drubbing on November 1. "America's Back Yard," which is what the capitalists like to call South America, held elections in Chile, Venezuela, Argentina, and Uruguay. Left-learning governments in the first three held on to power or increased their hold. This is particularly noteworthy in Venezuela, where U.S. manipulators have beentrying to get rid of Hugo Chavez (they failed, and now his party holds a lot more offices throughout the country). Most notable of all was Uruguay, where the new president-elect heads a left-learning coalition and replaces a president who was a strong supporter of the Bush government.