Texas Organizing Meeting Set

Texas Communists will gather on February 24 for the first time since the 2010 convention. They will have the opportunity to hear and work with a major leader of the Party.

Whenever Communists gather, they take the opportunity to review the political situation in broad general terms before they begin to discuss tactics and organizational questions. Starting from the program agreed on at the last convention, we adjust our activities to fit our local situations. In a state as large and diverse as Texas, that can mean a lot of fine-tuning.

See the lesson in the school for a general understanding of the Communist Party and how it operates. In today's high-tech world, new pioneering efforts are always underway. While we study the lessons of the past, we keep in mind that history is always unfolding around us. We cannot rely on past tactics, but have to constantly review the situation and, even more importantly, the trends underway, before deciding on the best course forward.

Texans also have a responsibility to function as a part of the world movement. What happens in Texas is important to all, consequently we have to put forward our best effort.