North Texans Note Increased Pace of Political Activity

On the last Sunday of July, North Texas Communists gathered for a monthly summary of activities and a look at what's coming up. That evening, we held another educational webinar.

Almost all progressives are working on the health care issue. There are canvassers out in public, and phone banks are being run two evenings a week. We've been guided in our activities by some excellent summaries of discussions at the national level. In general, we want to come out of the present turmoil with the best possible health care reform for the American working class. As usual, there are a number of attempts by opportunistic organizations to split the movement, but in general the big progressive coalition is holding together. The level of activity is almost unprecedented. July 28th is a national call-in day to lobby Congress.

Unfortunately, progressives are paying little attention to the situation in Central America. If the army and ruling class of Honduras is able to get away with their undemocratic putsch, democracy everywhere is at risk. At the heart of the issue is what the capitalists like to call "globalization" but is nothing more nor less than naked imperialism. The President of Honduras, who came from one of the ruling elite parties, had begun to move in the same democratic and anti-imperialist direction as most of Latin America. Civil war is entirely possible, and the U.S. military has a considerable stake. Will the U.S. continue to play the role it has played in Latin America for centuries, or have we truly reached a turning point?

Fortunately, the Dallas Peace Center is sponsoring a seminar on Honduras for July 28, 7 PM at 1409 South Lamar in Dallas, so perhaps some real movement may begin.

Our club reviewed a contract being offered between one Communications Workers region and AT&T. We also looked at the settlement between the Auto Workers Union and Bell Helicopter. Both unions have stood very strong, compared to the trends over the last two decades. Not a lot of solidarity has developed between Communications Workers locally and other unions; but the Auto Workers enjoyed much more inter-worker solidarity than is usually the case. A new trend may be underway.

The club also looked at organizational questions. We decided that we should do all we can to make the national party's drive to increase our web presence a big success. Texas writers are contributing a lot in progressive communications, and we intend to do more. Newspapers, on the other hand, are a diminishing technology. We also decided that we would like to see a New Members class set up ASAP. We have new members in North Texas, and other clubs are enjoying success as more and more people see through the capitalist fog.

Our regular biweekly webinar drew people from across the state. We were fortunate to get national party leader Elena Mora to narrate her slide show of important developments in Cuba. She emphasized efforts to free the "Cuban Five," who are suffering severe isolation in America's prisons. Their crime was to try to prevent terrorism exported to their homeland from the U.S.

Everybody seems very impressed with the webinar technology. Vast distances such as those in our state are no obstacles to electronic communications. An effort is being made to start using webinars for regular statewide meetings. The educationals, of course, will continue as part of our school.

--Jim Lane