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Americans Vigil for Peace on August 28

Texans in Dallas, Arlington, and Houston joined the nation in peace vigils August 28. put out a call on the world wide web, and responses took place in hundreds of cities.

In Dallas, about 100 people gathered on the block with the Kennedy Memorial downtown. They held a giant banner on the street. Another giant banner commemorated the American soldiers killed recently in the Middle East. Speakers read the casualties by their home towns. Many were Texans.

Hardly any of the participants knew each other, because they were all answering a call from the ethernet. Most of them made their own signs. One woman had a sign with a quote from George Bush that caused passersby to read it several times before its full meaning sank in. It was a quote from the President of the United States: "So what Petraeus is saying, some early signs, still dangerous, but give me, give my chance a plan to work."

Arlington had about 60 people with an "open mike" so that activists could give their opinions. In Houston, rain kept the numbers, but not the anti-war spirits, low.

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