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North Texans Will Protest Governor

Democrats in Tarrant County are organizing a protest of Governor Perry on June 5. They sent these details:



Staging Area: Riverside Park in Fort Worth (Look for the big American Flag)

501 Oakhurst Scenic Dr (east of I-35N & Yucca Ave)

"We learn that the governor will use The Calvary Cathedral in Fort Worth and its pulpit to make a press op, trying to convince the voters (and the cameras) that he has delivered. There, he plans to sign into law legislation for minor changes to existing abortion law and the upcoming constitutional election concerning gay marriage - an institution already against Texas law."

The Rally: We will march beginning at 3:00 PM to the Cavalry Cathedral Academy at 1701 Oakhurst Scenic Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76111 to greet Governor Rick Perry.

The E-mail was signed by J. Nile Fischer, TCDP, Executive Director, 817-335-8683,


Texans have good reason to be impatient with the Governor, his political party, and the right wing crazy people that impel them further and further beyond sanity and toward a qualitatively worse political situation. Even worse than that, Texas Republicans are a "leading indicator" for the ruling classes' national lurch toward fascism.

One major bad consequence and two good ones have resulted from the end of the infamous 2005 Texas legislative session. The bad one was that they resolved absolutely none of the state's major problems and worsened the minor ones. The good news is that they were largely ineffective, because the plans they made on the major issues would have been devastating to the state's working people. Thank goodness for failure!

The other good news is that they are now railing and playing the blame game against one another. It was completely inevitable that such low and unprincipled people would find themselves unable to maintain any semblance of unity among themselves, and it is gratifying to see them throwing very appropriate and accurate epithets at one another.

Governor Perry, under assault from the general public and powerful spokespersons in his own party, is attempting to cuddle up with the fanatical fringe of the religious right. The Dallas paper recently documented Perry's attempt to build and strengthen a political machine based on any church leaders unprincipled enough to ally with him and against the working people. In a front-page article, they wrote, "Gov. Rick Perry is taking an active role in the development of a network of Christian pastors who seek to register at least 300,000 new "values voters" in Texas and elect candidates who reflect their moral agenda.
Dubbed the "Texas Restoration Project," the network constitutes the most ambitious effort by conservative religious leaders in Texas to mobilize churches, conduct voter-registration drives and turn out voters on Election Day. About 500 ministers gathered last month in Austin for a closed-door session in which Mr. Perry, top members of his administration and influential religious figures touted the involvement of churches in political affairs...."

The article says that the June 5 church event is part of Perry's effort. Perry will sign a bill limiting women's rights, and is expected to applaud the anti-gay efforts of the recent legislature.

For more info on the twists and turns of Texas right wingers, please look at

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