Needed: Positive Communist Slogans!

The February meeting of the North Communist Club, as usual, reviewed the political developments from the area. Our special guest, an Oklahoma organizer, was impressed with the scope and rapid changing of developments, but he added an interesting summary. "All these progressive organizations are fighting defensive battles."

And we realized right away that it is true. The onslaught of anti-labor attacks in the United States, and probably in the world, has been so fierce and so long-lasting that every progressive organization has assumed a defensive stance. In fact, the defensive stance has become somewhat cramped by its long duration. It seems that everybody and every organization is saying, "Don't cut me!" "Don't take my job!" "Don't take my benefits!" "Don't hurt my children!" In Texas recently, we have heard of unions trying to save their jobs, retirees trying to save their pensions, parents trying to save their neighborhood schools, etc etc. Everybody is trying to get back to the previous world. Virtually nobody is talking about a better world!

Who should propose a better world?

While most workers' organizations, unions for example, are defensive by their very nature, only communists understand what is really wrong and what is really necessary to solve problems and create better lives. Within our Party organizations and in any other organization that we can influence, we need to raise positive slogans. Instead of "Save our jobs" we should be demanding "Create more and better jobs!" Instead of "Save our pensions!" we should be demanding better pensions. Instead of "Please do not extend the retirement age," We should be demanding, "Lower the retirement age!"

After all, productivity continues to rise and we already produce far more wealth than is needed to meet peoples' needs. All we need is a better planing and distribution system. All we need is socialism.

It seemed like a good lesson!