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Texas Fund Drive is Underway

For most of every year, Texas Communists give free newspapers to poor people in their communities, workers at their plant gates, and activists at public rallies. Once a year, we try to pay for it. A statewide solicitation campaign is under way. People can send money to financial office at 235 W. 23rd Street, NYNY 10011 or to Box 226147, Dallas TX 75222. They can also use pay-pal from

Honest information is just about priceless in today's corporation-dominated media world.

North Texans are working on a fund-raising party for November 30. It is expected to include a "50-50" raffle where the total pot is divided between the raffle winner and the PWW. We're also working on entertainment. Stay tuned for details.

For a longer explanation of why people should contribute, go to the newspaper's web site:


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