You Hear the Darndest Things on Radio

KNON radio's "Workers Beat" program in Dallas is often surprising. Last week they had a guy who had been part of a history-making trek in the Middle East. This week the guest talked about a major civil rights case in which a woman drew a 6-month jail sentence just for saying "Oh God!" in a courtroom. The astonished talk show host found out that neither event had seen the light of day in North Texas news.

Roger KallenbergRoger Kallenberg had been part of a delegation of six North Texans who signed up for a peace march in Gaza during the Christmas holidays. Thousands of other peace devotees from around the world were supposed to converge on Gaza. Kallenberg called Gaza "the world's largest outdoor prison," because nobody and nothing can get in or out without approval from the Israelis and their close friends in the area.

That means that the North Texans, and nearly all the international guests, were held up in surrounding countries and never saw Gaza. Kallenberg and his friends stayed in Egypt, where they participated in demonstration after demonstration. What was it like? "Well," Kallenberg said, "Egypt is a police state."

After Kallenberg mentioned his own Jewish religion, he was asked why he wanted to oppose Israeli policies. "Because they don't represent Jewish values," he responded. Asked why so many right-wing Southern evangelicals have suddenly converted to the Zionist cause, Kallenberg opined that the evangelicals believe that all Jews have to return to Israel as a precondition for the end of the world. After they get there, the thinking goes, then we can all die!

NAACP national board member and longtime civil rights activist Bob Lydia was the guest on Monday, March 1. He revealed that he is helping a woman who was thrown in jail for almost nothing in Waxahachie, Texas, near Dallas. To top it off, her daughter, who protested the Contempt of Court charge, drew six months jail time, too! While being arrested, the daughterBob Lydia apparently touched the bailiff, so she is now facing a felony charge of interfering with a public servant! Both women are African American, but Lydia didn't think that the white judge was acting out of racism. "I think he just doesn't like women," Lydia speculated! He is on a short video on youtube.


All the news we get on commercial stations is homogenized into identical packages. The same "facts" are presented and the same conclusions are drawn. Little KNON, 89.3 FM and, is a diamond in a pile of broken glass.