All written history is the history of class struggle.

Before there were separate economic classes (and before writing was invented) humans were barely able to survive. They spent virtually all their waking hours avoiding predators and looking for food. Over the ages, they began to keep live animals and perform some rudimentary agriculture. For the first time in human existence, small groups of people accumulated more of the necessities of life than they could immediately consume.

With the improved production, people could live longer and better, but class society was also born. One class took control of the farmland and/or herd of animals; the other class did the work. As Frederick Engels made clear in his great book, "Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State," all kinds of societal changes occurred after people began to accumulate wealth and divide into opposing classes.

The great changes in humanity's conditions came about as the classes struggled against one another. These struggles continue today, and are the driving force of change. Workers want more democracy: capitalists want less. Workers want better wages and living conditions; capitalists want them to have less. The battle against racism is a battle of workers against bosses. Peace demonstrations are carried out by workers and opposed by capitalists. Many victories are victories of one class over another. Many defeats are defeats of one class at the hands of the other.

The capitalists who control virtually all of our culture and information deny that different classes exist, that the main classes oppose one another, and that anything at all results from this process. Some of the relatively meaningless words they use to explain, or rather to confuse, struggles are "liberal," "conservative," "leftist," "rightist," "intellectual," "redneck," "urban," or "rural." They want us to believe that a new laundry soap is "revolutionary," but that any advance of democracy for working people is the Devil's work! Capitalists depend on keeping the working class confused and divided because they know that they could not continue their rule if workers and our allies were united.

In today's society, human progress is progress of the working class. It is resisted by the capitalist class. Many people or groups of people may temporarily support the working class or condemn the capitalist class as the battles go on. What distinguishes the Communists from all others is that we unwaveringly support the working class as the class of the future, up to and including the time that workers replace the capitalists as the dominant class. Communists have no interests outside those of the working class.

This simple identification of the Communists is denied by the capitalist information monopoly. They want people to believe that Communists are undemocratic organizations that somehow plan to wrest governmental control away from the capitalists by themselves. They particularly want people to believe that Communists want to use violence or subversive means. They want people to think that we see the working class as some kind of stooges that we will "use" to gain power for ourselves.

The truth is that Communists believe the growing working class will inherit power from a capitalist class that is clearly no longer capable of governing. The capitalist class today controls enough atomic weapons to destroy most life on Earth. They are polluting the planet so badly that they may kill us all even before they get a chance to use their bombs! Democratic control by the working class could bring an end to these capitalist menaces. Communists work and struggle to unite and empower the working class for a bright human future.

A professor named David Harvey put his opinions of class struggle on You Tube.

For a comical take on class struggle, with a lot of foul language, comedian George Carlin has recorded a hilarious explanation.

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