The basic organizational unit of the Communist Party, USA, is the club. It can have dozens of members or as few as three. Clubs are chartered by districts. National leadership charters districts.

Clubs have advantages

cartoon of a club meetingOne might think that they can be just as effective on their own as they could be in a club, but that's generally not the case. Club members get a chance to talk over their ideas before putting them into practice. Feedback from other comrades can head off a lot of unnecessary mistakes. Club members tend to inspire one another.

Clubs end the all-pervasive isolation that every thinker feels within capitalist America. Whether we are aware of it or not, capitalism not only surrounds us in all our culture and social interactions, it actually sinks into our very bones! Total alienation is the norm under capitalism, because the last thing that our rulers want is for us to begin to get together. Being part of a club and meeting regularly with other thinking people is as refreshing as it is empowering!

What Does a Club Do?

How Do We Start?

Gathering like-minded people might be a lot easier than one thinks. Polls have shown large and increasing segments of the American population moving toward socialism. Under capitalism, of course, they aren't likely to tell anybody until they are asked. Consequently, the number one strategy for getting other people to join a club is: ASK THEM!

District and national leadership may already know some people in a targeted area, because they often contact the Party on their own. Collective on-line experiences such as Party chat rooms, Party streamed workshops, or Party webinars might be a good way to learn who else is interested.

Meeting with New People May Not be Easy for You

Even those of us who have been building the Party for decades may still have a difficult time going out to meet someone new. In these internet days, more and more people are joining, and somebody, probably you, has to make that first contact.

It's not a good idea to give out your personal information over the internet. People might not even be who they say they are and, in an extreme circumstance that hasn't come up yet to my knowledge, might be some kind of internet predators. Proceed with great caution..

While an increasing number of people are joining over the internet, the best new members are still those that we meet within political struggles.

Join the Struggle

Don't wait to form a club. The best possible people for a new club are the people who are already active in struggles. They may be doing electoral work or assisting a union or other progressive organization. If you want to know them, and if you want them to know you, get started working for the benefit of the working class and its allies. After all, that's the point of it all, whether one has a club or is only trying to start one.

A good way to establish one's credentials is to start reporting regularly to the Party's publications. Get something published, if only a book review or a letter to the editor, then show it to other activists and seek their responses. You may have a club started before you know it!

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