Learn Together with On-Line Meetings (Webinars)!

Usually on First and Fourth Sundays at 7 PM Central Time (8 Eastern, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific Time). Just let us know if you would like to participate.

The easiest and best way to learn together is in regular face-to-face classes, but free on-line webinars are an increasingly close second. Participants "gather" on a given web page where they all see the same displays and hear the same presentation. Everybody has "chat" capabilities so that they can type in questions or comments. When you get on a webinar, look for the chat box at the bottom right of your screen and type something in. If you do not see the chat box, you need to adjust the panels on your screen.

What you need:

Other things that could add to the experience::

The webinar program we Texans have been using offers free teleconferencing, but the number costs long distance charges; consequently we ordinarily just skip the telephone option. Most people find the "chat" capability more than adequate. The main presenter uses VOIP, voice-over-internet-protocol, which is very clear over each participant's speakers or earphones. Sometimes, several people can use the VOIP after the main presentation is finished, but it is not always reliable for more than one person.

One of the best reasons for participating is to develop the use of this technology. It is perfectly suited to your political needs and easy to learn. More and more, politics is being conducted in the virtual world. We will not be left behind! Once comrades have had the "introduction to cpusa" webinar, they can be invited to more advanced educational meetings where we try to use what we learned in the Little School to enlarge our understanding of contemporary developments.

The visual part of "Introduction to CPUSA" is here.