National CPUSA Leader Makes Texas Educational Tour

CPUSA Vice-Chair Scotty Marshall came to Texas to help conduct educational sessions in major Texas cities. In Dallas, the topic was "Communist Strategies and Tactics." Here are the sub-topics and some of the comments from participants.

What Is Our Grand Strategy? How do we determine strategies?

"We study the past and the present, and try to anticipate the future."

"We look for ways to form coalitions. Labor is most important, but other sectors can build coalitions."

"The Party always looks at the big picture, and we look at it in a positive way."

"It's worthwhile to look at what we don't do. We don't decide strategy based on abstract ideals or our feelings."

"We study the organizations that oppose us as well as progressive organizations."

"From time to time, we may seek coalitions with almost anybody, including some from the capitalist class."

For three decades, we focused on defeating the ultra-right. Are we finished with that strategy?

"Are we ready for an 'anti-monopoly' stage?"

"The global integration of the capitalist system is much more advanced than formerly. World output is around $62 trillion. Financial gambling is close to $600 trillion! Finance capital is often at odds with productive capital.

"In opposing outsourcing of jobs, how do we avoid pitting American workers against those abroad?"

"A key struggle is going on right now, as Congress fights over bank regulations."

"We would like to have a purely working class agenda. But it wouldn't work right now, with the ultra-right still very powerful and effective in American politics."

What are the "Core Forces" that we focus on?

"Workers, youth, women, and the racially and nationally oppressed groups."

"The core forces are the working class and its main allies. There is a huge overlap among them."

"The core forces are much broader than their institutions."

How do we determine tactics?

"Tactics are plans made within the larger strategies"

"We need to focus on a coherent coalition on the health care issue."

"It is idealistic to insist on perfection in the health care bill. The Weimar Republic in Germany was similar to the Obama Era."

"Hold the progressive coalition together and win on health care."

"Obama may have opened some doors, but he can't get everybody through them. We need to be flexible and seek allies."

"If the reform forces are not together locally, we need to try to bring them togeter. A defeat for health care reform would be a big victory for the ultra right, and a setback for the progressive coalition."

"The 'tea-baggers' aren't the real enemy."

"The health care crisis is much worse in rural areas. We need to support reform that would benefit them."

How do we talk to people about the Party?

"Listening, not talking, is key"

"Most people don't join because of some 'ideological conversion.' They join out of struggles."

"Still, you have to ask them to join, sooner or later."

"We are entirely too conservative on these matters. We need to work with more people and ask them to join."