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Young Communist League Leader Visits Texas

by Jim Lane

The Chairperson of the Young Communist League -USA is lending a hand to raise funds for the People's Weekly World newspaper. She came to Texas from Missouri on November 1 and will leave for New York early on November 7. Erica Smiley gave a tremendous talk about the present situation for America's youth in Dallas on her first night in Texas, then went to San Antonio for another important fund- raiser. She will visit friends again in Dallas at the Nodding Dog Coffee shop, 7th & Bishop in Dallas, at 7 PM on Monday, November 5. Texans who miss her visit can still send checks to "PWW" at Box 226147 Dallas TX 75222, or donate on-line at Be sure to credit the Texas Communist Party, as we want to go over our quota as we did last year.

Smiley was born a Southerner, and has been organizing for progressive causes since high school.

She brings a modern analysis of today's problems that is focused by Marxism, but full of optimism. Although most young Americans have already been convinced, through bitter experience, that a crisis is raging, they may not be clear on what they can do about it. Smiley talks about the great opportunity that youth have in the upcoming national elections. She contrasts her organization's nonsectarian approach with some of the "short cut" methods that other groups may espouse.

"We are especially interested in strategy," she told her first Texas audience, "Because we want to win!"

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