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Bring The Troops Home

Union after union, including the AFL-CIO convention and the mighty Service Employees' Union that boycotted the AFL-CIO, is passing resolutions against the wars in the Middle East and in favor of bringing American troops home. This is fully in harmony with the will of the American people as expressed in polls. President Bush may make macho speeches, and the Pentagon may organize pro-war demonstrations, but they have already lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. The fact that unions are shifting to the anti-war side is especially significant for at least two important reasons:

1. Since they were founded in 1882, the AFL has never failed to support military interventions abroad

2. Unlike most of us as individuals, unions actually have the ability to fight back on political issues.

For the wording on union anti-war resolutions, check out

USLAW is organizing support for the September 24 anti-war march in Washington DC. They are forming a labor contingent in front of the AFL-CIO building there.

Various Texas peace organizations are also organizing groups to go to Washington.

The train station at Grapevine, Texas, has a very moving statue of a returning soldier and his lover.


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