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Big Fight is On!

The Bush Administration is out to "fix" Social Security. While he asks for another $80 billion to kill people, he says there's not enough money to keep seniors and disabled people alive. His solution: remove some of the available money and put it into the stock market! People who would like to get involved can begin at the AFL-CIO web site where there is a pettion. Sign it on-line. Also, consider copying it out on paper for your friends and associates who don't have computers.


To Congresspersons, Senators, and President George W. Bush

I oppose any efforts to privatize Social Security. Social Security privatization will lead to huge cuts in guaranteed benefits. Many privatization plans also would increase the retirement age. I oppose proposals that would cut benefits or raise the retirement age. Millions of people count on Social Security because they are retired or disabled. It is unconscionable that we would cut their benefits through privatization. This is one of the issues I will use to judge your commitment to working families.

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