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Texans Took Part in Convention

Our Texas delegation played a positive role in the Communist Party convention just past. We had comrades on special committees such as security, presiding, rules, and credentials. We played a small role in the cultural contributions. One Texas comrade was asked to stand for the applause of the entire convention.

There were so many workshops that we couldn't cover them all, but we divided our forces in order to cover most of them. New technology, religion, building new clubs, working with commercial media, and journalism were among those that Texas members and guests attended.

Our comrades made contributions to the plenary discussion on both substantive questions and parliamentary problems. We attended every session. The best was probably the night that the 20 international guests spoke about their different countries.

Several long-time veterans said that the 28th CPUSA Convention was the best one they had ever experienced. All of our delegates, most of whom were at their first convention, were more than pleased. The forum on July 8 will give all of us a chance to report back to our friends in North Texas.

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