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Texas Communist Party Extends Web Use

By Jim Lane

Members of the Texas District of CPUSA were probably the first to get a full report from the recent National Committee Meeting, because they didn't have to organize a physical meeting. Instead, the District Organizer broadcast text, voice, and pictures of the renovations at the national center over the internet. It didn't work out 100% as well as desired. Some participants only got the audio and others did not get to speak, but the effort went well, especially for the first time that this important technology has been implemented.

The National Report from the meeting will be ready as soon as printing can be completed.

The Texas web page, though not nearly as valuable as the national page at, has been a stalwart of the CPUSA effort to utilize every avenue available to help organize and empower the working class and its allies. Texans have been experimenting with on-line educational methods in the "theory" section for more than a year, and they are now committing to an even stronger effort.

Texas' vast distances emphasize the need for more use of electronics.

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