Houston YCL to Protest Coup in Ukraine

Austin will attend



Protest the Coup in Ukraine

The Houston YCL is calling for a demonstration!

Date: This Saturday, March 1
Time: Noon
Location: Westheimer and Post Oak - Houston, TX
Recent events in the Ukraine demonstrate, once more, to what lengths the US and NATO will go towards regime change.  They have worked with violent nationalists, fascists and coup leaders to overthrow the democratically elected president of the Ukraine.  The US and the EU has strongly backed the protests as it tries to draw Ukraine away from its historical links with Russia.

Regime change is also the order of the day in Syria, Egypt and Venezuela.  They are willing to ignite internal civil war and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in a drive to maintain a single global imperialist power. 

If Austinites are interested in attending, please respond so we can arrange for transportation.

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