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Texas Students Voted Left

Hi Folks,
Just FYI - our get-out-the-vote efforts at UNT were very successful. There were approx. 4000 people living on campus, most of them eligible to vote.

A coalition of progressive student groups at UNT (including our little Marxist Study Group) worked our butts off to register as many of those campus residents as we could. University residents had their own precinct (431) and polling place (at the football stadium).

We somehow managed to get about 1200 of them to register to vote on campus, 720 of which actually showed up to vote on election day (a 58% voter turnout). This does not mean the remaining 2800 did not register to vote in the elections; many of them were registered to vote in their hometowns and refused to change their registration to vote on campus.

Here's how we fared: in every race in which a democrat ran, that democrat won an overwhelming majority of votes (anywhere between 58% to 69% of the vote).

Contrast that with Denton County as a whole, which on average went about 70% for republicans.

Also, contrast this with the 2000 election in which only 783 campus residents registered and only 284 managed to show up to vote (a 36% turnout).

It's a victory for grassroots coalition efforts. And more proof of how we should never listen to our parents (or anyone older than 30, for that matter) :-)