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Veterans for Peace march in the Veteran's day parade in Houston

By Paul Hill

HOUSTON - About 40 peace activists marched in the Veteran's day parade in downtown Houston on 11/11/07. We were accompanied by a group of excellent drummers who beat out a sophisticated cadence which was probably the best in the whole parade. I felt proud to march by the reviewing stand and hear them announce us as "Veterans for Peace."
Participants were disciplined and made a loud statement to the audience that we are for peace. Some signs read, "Fund Vet benefits, not the war."
Our contingent met with some resistance and at one point a belligerent fellow sprayed us with a garden hose. There were some other minors incidents in which some veterans were physically aggressive to veterans for peace, but no one was hurt.
In spite of ruthless opposition, there is still a strong voice for peace in Houston.

//Correspondent Paul Hill continues to report on Houston events with another peace march pictured below//

Texans march for peace

HOUSTON - About 100 peace activists marched in Houston on 11/17/07 to demand "Stop the war in Iraq. Bring all the troops home now!" Activists marched from Ervan Chew Park to Bell Park which is in the Montrose area. The march was called by David and Rona Smith of the Progressive Workers Organizing Committee and participants were ethnically and culturally diverse.

A group called the "Free Radicals" beat out a spirited cadence on their drums. Participants were loud and chanted, "No more class war! No justice, no peace. U.S. out of the middle east! The only terrorists in the world today are Bush, Cheney and the CIA!"

Members of the Houston Veterans for Peace, SEIU, Harris County Green Party, Progressive Action Alliance, Peace Action and the Houston Peace and Justice Center were present and visible.

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