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Save Texas Democracy!

Three busloads of Houstonians went to Austin to back Hubert Vo, the legitimately elected Texas State Representative from District 149 who faces a possible attempt by the Texas Legislature to overturn his election.

Vo was sworn in with the other legislators on January 11, but he will not be allowed to vote until the Texas Legislature has decided what they want to do.

At the rally, a number of political leaders said they were backing Vo. Emmett Sheppard, principal officer of the Texas AFL-CIO talked about labor's role in helping get Vo elected. He said that Vo had come to this country in 1975 and first worked as a dishwasher before rising in business and politics. A spokesperson for ACORN, wearing a shirt that claimed 1 million registered voters in 2004, gave a strong talk about how hard-working ordinary people can have an effect on the electoral process.

One of the T-Shirts worn by Vo supporters said, "Unity is Power" in English and 5 Asian languages.

Hubert Vo seemed to be followed by cameras throughout the first day of the Texas legislative session. If the legislature, which has not shown much regard for democracy in the past, were to unseat Vo, the world would be watching!


--Jim Lane