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Out of the Armchairs! Into the Streets!

The after-election lull and the holiday lull have snapped shut! Calls to action are coming in and must be heeded!

Supporters of State Representative Hubert Vo are rallying in Austin on the first day of the Texas Legislature, January 11, at 10 AM on the capitol steps. Incredible as it sounds, the Texas Legislature apparently has the legal power to overturn elections! Vo barely beat longtime Republican Talmadge Heflin in the election and two recounts. Heflin wants the lege to throw the election out, and they just might. Two other Republican losers jumped on the bandwagon and are also asking that democracy be short-circuited by the lege.

The 2005 Texas Legislature may well become the worst anti-worker legislature in generations. Last session they showed their contempt for democracy and ethics. This early action will be a good way to put them on notice that Texans are not going to sit around while they subvert democracy and chop up workers' rights. Those few who see this legislative session as "business as usual" are kidding themselves.

The Vo rally has support from other Texas legislators and from labor leadership in Houston. It's also a civil rights issue, as Vo is probably the first legislator of Vietnamese background in Texas history.

Let's start forming car pools and going to Austin! Why wait for the many other atrocious possibilities in this legislative session? There's also an on-line petition for people to sign. Go to


January 15, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, falls on a Saturday this year. The marches and demos all across the state have been growing as the government's hostility toward civil rights becomes more and more evident. Everybody can find a way to join an MLK event, so let's do it!

It's time to consider the real meaning of King's life and put it into action today.


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is under attack because Chairman Julian Bond spoke out against Bush policies last year. The government wants to take away their tax-deductible status. Join and/or donate at


The AFL-CIO is raising funds for tsunami relief. Make out a check marked Tsunami Relief, payable to Solidarity Center Education Fund, and send it to Tsunami Relief Fund, Solidarity Center, 1925 K St., N.W., Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20006-1105. Visit for more information


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