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Heflin to Demand Overturn of Election

"Can they do that?" Texans are asking as Talmadge Heflin of Houston asks the Texas Legislature to overturn his election defeat. Hubert Vo barely outpolled Heflin on November 2 for a Houston seat in the Texas House of Representatives. According to the Dallas paper, the legislature has 3 legal options:

  1. Reject Heflin's appeal
  2. Call a new election
  3. Overturn the election and give the seat to Heflin

According to the Texas AFL-CIO, House Speaker Tom Craddick had already appointed someone else to Heflin's old seat of power as head of the Appropriations Committee. Heflin's choice office had been given to another rep. Consequently, it was felt that Craddick did not intend to overturn Vo's election.

In a time when Republican shenanigans have caused Americans, especially Texans, to question the entire democratic process, Republicans are putting a new strain on everybody's credulity. We have already witnessed the illegal use of corporate money to stack the Texas legislature, the skirting of laws concerning redistricting for U.S. Congressional seats, illegal use of federal powers, the suspension of Texas Senate rules, the threat to suspend U.S. Senate rules, and the abortion of House Ethics rules so that the chief perpetrator, Tom DeLay, can avoid all consequences. Americans who care about preserving the democratic gains of the last two centuries should join the public outcry. They should also make it clear to their legislators that enough election chicanery is way far too much!

The question is not "Can they do that?" anymore, we've received the incredible answer to that question several times already. The question is, "Will we stand for it?"

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