Walmart Employees Find Friends and Solidarity

North Texans demonstrated true solidarity on May 24th when the "Walmart at 50" tour came to the UAW 848 union hall in Grand Prairie Texas. OUR Walmart brought a number of their newly-organized members to be joined by union members from UAW 848, UAW 2320, UAW276, TWU 565, and a big contingent from UFCW 540. Activists from Occupy Dallas rounded out a very diverse meeting of around 60 people.

They started with union songs, then heard video and live testimony from Walmart associates (employees) about the bad conditions at the nation's biggest workplace and their hopes for big improvements. Organizer Linda Dill of the Transport Workers Union, who are having their own gigantic problems with American Airlines, gave a short talk that went right to the heart of why working people must organize.

Videographer Bucky Fuller of Occupy Dallas recorded the event for YouTube. See It continues on

Confronting Walmart

Walmart "nitro" vanAfter a rousing singing of labor's anthem, "Solidarity Forever," most of us headed over to the giant Walmart store on Hiway 30 and Cockrell Hill. The "Nitro," a touring van fitted with video and projection equipment, parked in their parking lot and showed the OUR Walmart video "Walmart at 50" right on the brick front wall of the store! It could be seen for a mile and was the best drive-in movie we've seen in Dallas for decades!

The leaflet explains the gist of the story: "As Walmart turns 50 and deals with its reported bribery cover-up scandal, the “Walmart at 50” Nitro will be in Texas to greet customers, Walmart associates and community groups. The Nitro will collect and broadcast stories of those impacted by the company’s actions and practices as the country’s largest retailer and employer. In light of the latest scandal, it’s important that we all come together now to tell the true story of Walmart’s impact on our lives."

The manager, backed by four big Dallas policemen, soon came to tell us to get off their property. Organizer Kevin Blair held an extended but civil discussion with him before agreeing to confer with his OUR Walmart members. They held a short discussion and decided to call it a night. Bucky Fuller continued his video coverage:

Everybody went home convinced that we are part of a strong and growing solidarity movement, and that solidarity will win!