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Texas Plays with Radioactive Fire

Two weeks ago, a gasoline truck turned over on Highway 183 in Irving. The resulting explosion killed the driver and made the MacArthur overpass unsafe for weeks. Two days ago, a truck full of explosives blew up on Hiway 410 in San Antonio. Moving dangerous materials around on public highways is serious business.

And Texas is accepting truck loads of radioactive waste from Ohio. Two big cannisters with 40,000 pounds of radioactive materials mixed with hardeners were put on a concrete slab in Andrews, near the New Mexico border. Another 2,000 or so shipments are coming across those highways. Look out Indianapolis, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Andrews and all points in-between! Waste Control Specialists of Dallas is carrying out this historic breakthrough. Previously, there was no place on the planet where radioactive wastes could be officially stored. In fact, even Texas hasn't sunk low enough to designate the Andrews area a permanent storage place, yet.

It was the irrisistible force and the immovable object. Radioactive waste has been piling up, with strong government encouragement, since the end of World War II. Yet, they knew they could not dispose of it, and they can't by any stretch of the imagination safely store it. But, after they committed to nuclear weapons and a nuclear society, they had to do something. Somebody had to be the receivers of all this foulest pollution ever conceived by human beings and disgracefully assaulting Mother Earth itself.

Looks like it's us.

The Sierra Club has requested a hearing to contest the company's license. A hearing before an administrative judge in Austin is set for July 11. Let's back them up!

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