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Bush May Come to Dallas

Dallas has apparently drawn the very dubious distinction of being the place chosen by the Bush/Cheney campaign to showcase their support in their last big photo-op before the election. According to a recent e-mail, they will begin screening applicants to serve as scenery at 7 PM on November 1 at SMU. Bush is supposed to be in Moody Coliseum around 9 PM. It would be possible for protesters to gather around the corner of Mockingbird and Central Expressway for peaceful and legal picketing.

As usual, the campaign is trying to sneak in and out before anybody realizes they are coming. As far as I can find out, nobody has actually had time to organize a protest. That's probably a good thing, because everybody is working on getting a big election turnout Tuesday, as they should be.

But the danger of going to an unorganized event is that somebody may do something stupid, or that provocateurs might do something smart to try to get honest protesters in trouble.

Consequently, it would probably be smart to stay out on the open spaces of Mockingbird street sidewalks outside SMU.