Texans Called to Meetings

Texas Communists now have several opportunities to take a role in developing our leadership and program for the next period. The national convention is going to be in mid-summer, and they are asking that state conventions be set soon. Leaders of the clubs and the YCL will discuss time and place at our February 26 teleconference. Even before that, several big opportunities have come up.

Sam Webb

Sam Webb, National CPUSA Chair, will be in Texas Feb 22-25. Houston gets him first and he ends in Dallas on the 25th. He is conducting 2-hour give-and-take seminars around the country. Everybody who wants to take advantage of this opportunity to talk to the national chair during this key period of American history should contact their closest club for details.

San Antonio activists will hold a wake for John Stanford on February 23. Stanford joined the Communist Party in 1946 and was a loyal member until his death late last year. Stanford was born in Dallas and attended Sunset High School. He joined the military during World War II. He wanted to join the CPUSA while serving, but was asked to wait until his discharge. He joined immediately after finishing his service and stayed until the day he died.

John survived the witch hunt, even though he was arrested time and time again. One of his cases went all the way to the Supreme Court. John Stanford Wake



The number of delegates that Texas sends to the national convention will depend on our membership. Not all of the hundreds of Texas Communists are caught up on their dues and staying in contact with their closest club. All are asked to get in good standing and participate in events leading to the national convention. Those in good standing will be eligible to be elected delegates to the national convention as well.