Texans Take a Stand on Women's Rights

This Resolution was passed unanimously at the Texas State CPUSA Convention:

Women's Issues Discussion

There are several important campaigns concerning crucial women's issues.
Currently most prominent is the struggle to get equal pay for equal work. Under Federal law, employers cannot discriminate against employee compensation on the basis of sex, (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Equal Pay Act of 1963).  However, after half a century the laws are still not being adequately enforced as evidenced by the 77¢ paid to women per $1 to men.  So the battle is around new stronger legislation.
Another important issue is women's health.  Most important is access to medical checkups, consultation and provision of contraceptive methods and devices, and access to abortion services, all without harassment, assault or intrusiion into personal decision making.
It is ironic that one of the leaders in the struggles around women's issues is a former President of the largest capitalist country (Jimmy Carter).  And he is most concerned with the most brutal of these abuses against women and girls.

There are many extremely violent and brutal attacks on women that are at epidemic levels.   
Although the term "sexual assault" is used in reporting this is a much broader term than the more violent and brutal rape. 

Globally, about 20.9 million people are trapped in jobs into which they were coerced or deceived and which they cannot leave, by any definition is slavery. 1.5 million of these are in the "civilized" Developed Economies and European Union of which the United States is a part.  11.4 million are women and girls.