Texas Writers Needed

On our monthly state Provisional Coordinating Committee meeting, Austin comrades offered to spearhead an effort to increase our news coverage. They recently helped set up the Central Texas Club, which includes at least two proficient writers. Almost all of us are capable of reporting events. Now that everyone has internet-quality picture-taking ability in their phones, there is no reason that we aren't being published every day -- except that our many supporters just haven't done it.

No one can deny that Texas is newsworthy. As the second largest state in area and in population, what happens here matters everywhere. The Texas Legislature is in session and their decisions rock the state, as well as, sometimes, the entire world.

The biggest hangup is probably that people do not feel that they are capable of quality writing. The new Texas Writers Cooperative that is being set up will include editors to help "shape up" our initial efforts. They will also set up training for anybody who wants it. In fact, there is a free lesson in the Little School on "How to be a Worker Correspondent."

Many Texas activists subscribe to the Texas AFL-CIO free news service by writing to ed@texasaflcio.org. We also see other internet services that are good as well as the capitalist press. But the activities of working peole are often not covered and, when they are covered, they aren't analyzed and presented from the viewpoint of working class supporters like us.

Writers are needed and should contact the Austin comrades to join the Texas Writers Cooperative.