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Do Communists Send Christmas Cards?

Some of them do, some of them don't, just like everybody else.

It brings up one of the more interesting mis-perceptions of life as American communists in this day and time. Contrary to what may be believed, we don't run around bad-mouthing religious folks all the time. Chairman Gus Hall was famous for saying, "Our quarrel is with capitalism, not God."

Some American Christians join the Communist Party. Others work with Communists on common problems. Communists, for example, are for peace, and many peace activists are devoted to their religions. Communists are for civil rights, against the death penalty, and in favor of helping the poor. So are good Christians and other religionists.

Some religious folks even agree with us on the primacy of the working class in trying to institute progressive change.

The corporate media has gone to great lengths recently to paint all Christians as crazed, Bush-supporting, reactionaries. It isn't true at all. Church people are just as likely to subscribe to revolutionary theology as to reaction. Most religious people fall in between.

Communists, like anybody interested in progressive social change, are interested in theology. Frederick Engels himself goes to great length to explain the theological changes that accompanied the great peasant uprisings in Germany in the 15th & 16th centuries. The reactionaries had their religious interpretations, and Thomas Muenser, main leader of the revolt, had his, which Engels explains in detail. Engels says that theological changes generally accompany any revolution and are a necessary part. It's well explained in Engels' history, //The Peasant War in Germany//.

Religious people are welcomed into the Communist Party, as are all other sincere activists seeking social progress. So don't be shocked if you get a Communist Christmas card!